my design philiosophy

We hear so much about design "to the masses" - bringing good design to people on reasonable budgets.  I believe design can be affordable, yet still unique.   My spaces often features a signature piece - something that speaks to the client, but also stands alone as a point of interest in a room.  It could be an amazing desk that brings forth the owner's creativity, a piece of art that acts as the showpiece of a room, or even a really beautiful, comfortable chair in which the client spends happy hours relaxing.  I believe in the good bones, and great lines of vintage, and am thrilled when I can repurpose a great "found" item.

For many of my clients, this is their first experience working with an Interior Decorator. Design can be intimidating, but with the right guide (me!), it can be a fun and thrilling experience.  I am a great choice for someone who is eager and involved in the design of their space, but who wants to stretch their aesthetic a bit beyond their usual home decor choices.  I have found that the best designs evolve when a client is willing to take a little risk, when they trust me to honor their style, while guiding them outside their comfort zone.  Trust me, and I'll give you an amazing space

about me


I'm a Native Texan living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with my husband, and two daughters. My education and work background includes Nutrition, Sales, and Law School. Each of those endeavors, though not meant for me, led me to my true calling: Interior Design. I am a self-taught design junkie. A devotee of the pull-up-your-bootstraps-and-follow-your-desires methodology. I'm also a person with "the eye" for spying unconventional beauty over trend. My unique experiences, along with my enthusiasm make me your worldly, yet approachable guru of Interiors!