Festival Schmestival!

I think we were duped! We drove all around the Botanical Gardens area on Saturday - no festival to be found! I was disappointed, but, we did hit a pizza house with some darn good thin-crust, and I snapped a couple of pics of the outdoor pieces I'm spying. Also got a few shots of nice landscapes in our neighborhood...

I can't decide if I think this chair is comfy, but I love the way it looks

This is not the best shot of these fab day-bed size loungers, but one of these is definitely on my things-to-pick-up-in-Brazil list. The great thing is they're very well made, and totally customizable - I'm thinking a darker stain with an ivory cushion. Who says it must be used outdoors?

Nice landscape - alas, not our casa!

I love how they prune ficus trees into topiaries. They also plant saplings along fences, and prune them up to become ficus fences - much more pleasing to the eye, IMO!

Bougainvillea, one of my all-time faves. Here, they trim them up to expose their artfully-twisted trunks, leaving a canopy of hot-punch color - Love it!

Can you spy the lovebird?