I think we'll head to the "Jardim Botanico" on Saturday for this little festival they're having. It's got me in the mood for plants, plants, and more plants. There's a nice variety of greenery here, and they do a great job landscaping - I'll be posting pics soon.
When I really think about it, I don't know if I could ever build a house from scratch - ditto for designing a yard from plain dirt, because I'd have such a hard time deciding which "look" to go with.
With landscapes, I'm always torn between a slightly formal escape - I don't know that I ever met a topiary I didn't like, and I'm intrigued by the patience it must require to form a beautiful espalier - but, there's also a lot to be said for lush, no boundary, tropical settings. Guess it's all in how you want to use your garden - tea sipping and yoga or micheladas with Marley. Hmmm, have to ponder that a bit...Espaliered fruit tree

Ivy-covered wall and topiaried shrubs
image borrowed from decorno

p.s. - Have you ever seen the animal topiaries at River Oaks Plant House? All I can say is I NEED the Longhorn! Longhorn pic available