Reader's Block?

Is this a cool, color-coded bookshelf, or what? Cute pug, too! ;)

I believe there is such a thing as "reader's block." You know, like writer's block, but on the other end. I say this because I've experienced it. I've always been a rather avid reader. My mother attributes it to the fact that I was read to a lot as a young child. I feel book lovers are enriched people, and I hope I am able to impart a passion for reading to Avery - so far, books are one of her fave toys!!

After I finished law school, I went through a period when I had no literary interest. I felt like my brain could barely focus long enough to read People magazine, let alone all the books I had saved up for when I had time to read (for pleasure) again. This reading slump hung around for the past two years - maybe it had something to do with studying for the Bar, being pregnant then nursing a child (hormone interference?) during that time, I don't know.....BUT I am happy to say, I am in full recovery from my reader's block!

A kind friend loaned me a nice selection of books when we arrived here in Brazil; I'm into the fifth novel. I'm so delighted to have reclaimed the hobby, and can again engross myself in the lives of other characters. The latest is Marisa de los Santos' Belong to Me - a wonderfully moving story, one oddly appropriate to me right now??? I don't normally recommend books because everyone's literary interest is so subjective, but I would wager that most of my women family and friends would enjoy it. It's definitely one for your Wishlist!

Still need a lot of practice with the 'ol macro lens (see above)

Speaking of Wishlists....I am a HUGE fan of them!! My heart always jumps a little when I find something great for someone when I'm not looking for it, then buying it because I know they would love it. Overall, though, I say a Wishlist, Registry, etc. is the way to go. My fave is Amazon's - they have such a huge variety of items - I've got everything from desired cookbooks to exercise equipment on mine. Sometimes, I'll put something on there just to remind myself to go back and order it some day! (Oh well, it's my little system!)