Two Words...And A Thought

OK, ok, I know some of you nearest and dearest out there don't share my sentiments, but I must say....I am sooo pumped up that this week starts Longhorn football season - truth be told, I'm just happy about college football, in general - Fall is my favorite time of year, and all the ingredients of the season come together when marching bands play, crowds bellow out fight songs, and fans dress head to toe in school colors - I love every minute!
There's something else, though...something nostalgic....I can't quite put my finger on it, but sometimes I get the feeling that people who love watching College Ball do so partly because it reminds them of being young...of the days waking up on a Saturday, not worrying about the Chem 101 quiz on Monday, making tailgate and after-game plans, having a blast, and being hoarse (and probably hungover) the next day....maybe...

or maybe they just like seeing my boyfriend cheer on his beloved Horns ;)
Hook 'm' !!