Casa Giese

Well...while I've been enjoying a nice visit here in Texas, my sweet Hubby has been dealing with the onslaught that was the delivery of our own furniture and belongings down in Brazil. (Yay! Our very own beds to sleep in!) Needless to say, I was quickly instructed that we are now on a downsizing mission!
We've been assigned a new home that'll better fit our lifestyle (i.e. chasing a toddler). The house is modest by Brazilian standards, and definitely has some quirks, but overall, I think it has potential, and I'm looking forward to the design challenges.

Ben sent me some pics this weekend of the progress he's making, and I have to say, he's working his tail off! I'm so blessed to have a Honey who not only indulges me in my little re-doing and decorating whims, but also has a darn good eye, himself! I'll keep ya posted on the progress, but here's a look at where things are now, along with some initial ideas I'm throwing around....
Front entrance - thinking more landscaping, maybe a cool pottery arrangement...

Main Living Room - viewed from the entryway - That's A LOT of furniture goin' on - Yikes!

Living Room - looking back towards the entrance
(Sad to report, the Baby Grand sustained quite a bit of internal damage in the move - but it still holds its own in the looks department!)

Den/TV room - Doin' some fabric research on the two chairs to the left (not sure they'll stay there) - they were Ben's Grandparents' - will be bloggin' on that decision (and maybe needing some opinions) in the future...

Kitchen - sorry the image is shadowed. Notice how the stove sits several inches higher than the counter? Ben said it'll probably be rib-cage high on me - that'll make for some interesting cooking!

Somewhere among all this stuff is an office!

One of the jewels in the crown: check out the master, walk-in closet!

Back Yard: Huge, covered patio, churrasco (i.e. built-in BBQ) to the left, safely gated (though not especially aesthetically pleasing) pool.