Kitchen Gadget Junkie

I am a proud Kitchen Gadget Junkie ("KGJ"). It's as simple as that - I love just about anything kitchen; from appliances and fixtures to cookware and serving pieces. Some (like my husband) might call it an unhealthy obsession...I once trekked dozens (OK,not that many!) of blocks in Paris just to find E. Dehillerin (where Ina Garten and French chefs shop cookware), and then managed to persuade my poor Honey to carry my newly-purchased copper pots in his backpack!
But chi-chi copperware aside, my true devotion
is to vintage and/or retro kitchenware.Old or meant-to-look-old scales make me giddy, Dualit toasters - I'm all over them, and no true KGJ would be honest if they didn't admit to a glowing admiration for Chambers stoves (my brother & sister-in-law have a near-perfect specimen).
I realize there's no way I could ever have all the things I think are so fabulous - at some point, instead of being a Kitchen Gadget Junkie, I'd become....just a Junkie!
Classic Stainless Scale
Famous Dualit toaster
And they come in all sorts of too-hard-to-decide colors

That fantabulous Jadeite color!
I don't think I've ever seen something more beautifully restored

I just can't get over these precious pint-sized retro kitchens for kiddos Courtesy of Pottery Barn (of course!)

One last little cutie-pie - how fun would THAT be on your counter!