Little Bit of Nostalgia...

Sent especially out to the Kalinowski clan... Before we left the Hill Country on Saturday, I risked life, limb, and probably arrest trying to get a good shot of The Ranch. Would die to see what the interior looks like!

History for non-fam'rs: The Kalinowski family (my grandfather and his brothers and sisters) owned this house and the surrounding acreage near the Ingram dam from 1957 until 1992. We've always called it "The Ranch." I have vivid memories of running around the house, or watching my uncle and his buddies crawl into innertubes and roll down the big hill into the water (how I wanted to do that, too!) It's such a shame that it was sold, and I vow, if I ever win the Lottery, I'm buying her back!

Whoever owns it now has done some pretty impressive upgrades
But I'd take her like this in a heartbeat...
Mom & Dad - Summer 1975 - First get-away after I was born!
Uncle Mark being rolled by Dad & John Pribyl. The Little Person in the two piece is me - Aunt Becky apparently got babysitting duty!
Chillin' in The River
From left: Aunt Ann, Me, Aunt Donna, Cousin Brian, Dad, Aunt Ceil, Aunt Grace

Good times, good, good times...