Longtime Love Affair

I've always had a thing for nailhead trim - I know, I know, images of cognac-colored leather and cigar-smoke-filled men's clubs probably come to mind...I can certainly appreciate the richness of that mental vignette, but I'm talking about a different approach...the nice little exclamation point of style that nailhead trim often adds to something - especially when it's used in a unique, or slightly irrereverent way.

I think, like wallpaper, nailhead must be used in very limited quantities, so choosing wisely is imperative. Seeing some of these lovelies would make that a very difficult task for me!

Just can't get enough of this bed** - formal french carving subdued by beachy grasscloth - yummy!

Check out those ottomans! Oversized and patterned nailhead, yet doesn't look fussy.
Both photos above scanned from House Beautiful September 2008

Just. Beautiful.
Oly Studio Kirin Sofa

Can you believe this is an outdoor furniture piece? (Yeah, my indoor furniture is not this nice!) Weather-bearing teak and upholstery, with stainless steel nailhead - brilliant!
Chair by Sutherland Teak

Mom's riff on nailhead - in lieu of curtain rods - pretty clever, there!

**Funny....I was researching nailhead trim, and came across the to-die-for site: Oly....Yes, waiter, I'll take one of everything... And guess who I ran across while pondering which body part was worth sacrificing to own a piece of this line....Miss Gorgeous Bed mentioned above - small world!