The PP List

Oh guys, I am pooped! Avery has been a bit of a wild woman these days - goin' 100 mph, not wanting to slow down enough to take naps/go to bed, or even have her diaper changed, for that matter. I cherish every minute of being a WAHM (yes, I'm a work-at-home-mom - saying stay-at-home-mom indicates you actually get to sit and stay in one place, something I rarely, if ever, do)...anyway, as I was saying...I cherish every minute, but somedays I wish I could use the ladies room without wondering if Avery is somewhere digging through the trash...again
Me and my little madwoman

Just to preface, I am a stereotypical Type A person. I accept the negative connotations (perfectionist to a fault, high-strung, control-freak...
who me??) because I believe such characteristics also generate great creativity & perception, passion, and achievement. Anyway, as a Type A'er, my list of pet peeves ("PP") is probably a bit longer than that of a more laid-back person...Lately (meaning the past few years), high on the PP list are people who always talk about not getting things done because they are "so busy," or they "didn't have time."
You know what?
Everyone is busy...some people have challenging careers, others cart kids around all day - some even do both. Some people fill their day planners with appointments and activities just to stay busy, but my point is - saying you're soooo busy is not an excuse for not prioritizing. If someone says they'll do something, and it is important to them to actually do it, then they'll make the time, right?

OK, so finally, what triggered this whole rant is this: I was chatting with a girlfriend the other day, and we were laughing about Facebook, and how easy it is to get sucked into its myriad of time-wasting applications, etc... when she started to say she hadn't had the time to post pictures on her FB page BUT she caught herself, and rephrased to: she hadn't made the time to learn how to put pictures up. I don't know if she could sense me smiling on the other end of the line, but I was just tickled by her honest ability to basically say, "I have better things to do." Total respect from me for passing on the overused, self-important catchphrases that sit in the balcony seats of my PP list.

So...sorry if I got a little too soapboxy for ya'll. Please know, my petite tirades are in no way meant to indicate a "holier than thou" attitude - I am the least perfect person I know! A girl's just gotta vent every once in awhile, or it very quickly becomes a not-so-happy little place!