'tis the Season....to blog Politics (uh-oh!)

So, I'll disclaim up front - this is NOT a political blog, and I don't really intend to "go there," but being that I am a bit of a political junkie, and this blog is about things that interest me, I'm compelled to take a moment to reflect...

Over the past two weeks, I watched a good part of both party's nominating conventions, and I have to say "hoorah" to America! Honestly, I am so thrilled that so many Americans are jazzed up about their respective nominee. Not much is worse (IMO) than apathy, and feeling hopeless and helpless in the political process. Seeing all the delegates roaring, and reading about people being so excited about this year's historic selection of candidates is heartwarming for me. Granted, I have very strong opinions on what's best for this Country, but I refuse to be one of those people we see so much of today - ideologues who refuse to even consider that the "other side" might have something good to offer. Most anathema to me are those who consider themselves somehow smarter than (and therefore above) members of another political persuasion. Condescension is the ultimate display of one's own shortcomings.

My prayer for America is that whoever ends up in the White House will be able to bring out the best of this Country. In the meantime, it'll be fantastically fun for me to watch this election cycle unfold!