Warrenton Antiques Fair - Part I

Ohhh-Kaaay! I'm finally sitting down to give you the scoop on the Warrenton trip!
(As a side note: I've extended my Texas visit another couple of weeks - long story, but basically, Ben will be traveling nearly non-stop this month, so we'd be home alone, AND the airlines royally janked my ticket - why are gazillionaires and politicians the only ones who get to travel on G5's??)

Anyway....we had a wonderful Warrenton day - the weather was perfect - not too hot, great breeze, and the crowds were slim (it was still "preview week")

We began our day with this "must stop" nursery in Schulemberg called The Garden Company. Little did I know it would set the theme for the day...
One of the first things I saw was this great, pomegranate tree! It was full of fruit, and when I inquired about picking (and paying for) some of the little beauties, the attendant told me to have all I wanted - no charge! Yippeee!
She didn't have to tell me twice - Here's my stash...hopefully enough to dry and use for wreath-making!
Also spied this beautiful olive tree - ready for harvesting!
I was already so fired up, wanting this, wishing for that...when I saw him....Mr. Buddha
Now, you know I told you about my soft spot for Buddhas these days...I wanted this lovely garden piece so much, but he was cast from stone, very heavy, and very impossible to get to Brazil...boo hoo... So, we carried on...

And I settled for kolaches - you can't go through a little Czech town like Schulemburg without getting some of these homemade yummies!
So, we made our way onto the fair grounds...sunscreen - check, water bottles - check, comfy shoes - check (sorta!) We were ready to roll!

This huge, awesome old sink caught my eye right away - only $300, and in pretty good shape! Wish I had a home for it...oh well, hope it'll go to a loving new owner
Nearby were these terribly cute Great Dane puppies. The breeders have them each year, and I know, one day my sister will cave and come home with one!
First Purchase - time to celebrate! I talked Mom into this rocking chair - it just has good lines, is well made, and will look great reupholstered! Plus, it seems made for short peeps like us - tres comfortable!
I thought these chairs were so great...tried to talk my Mom into Craigslisting her dining room chairs, and replacing them with these...I was not successful... but, aren't they cool with all that nailhead jazz going on???
Here's my first purchase - the RED set of Mexican pillowslips - the handiwork is amazing, I COULD NOT resist!
OK, here's where things got real interesting....First, just oohed and aahed over this collection of turquoise, Asian pottery - but, can you spy the back of a Buddha head??? ;)
This is why I love, love, looove the Fall Show - check out all these glorious gourds!

Hope that whets your whistle....and there's more to come!