Just Throwin' This Out There....

So, here's a thought....ordered these fabric swatches from Calico Corners - who knew they had such great stuff?! I always remembered them as being a very "country" sort of fabric store - you know, lots of tiny, floral prints - anyway, I digressYou'll notice these are all very "punchy" sorts of colors and prints, but I'm really ready to have a room that's not my typical, neutrals-with-a few-shots-of-muted/faded-color (à la kilims, leather, etc, etc) afterall, I'm living in Brazil - it's a colorful country!

I would LOVE to put the yellow and dark navy "Della" (lower left corner on collage) on the oriental-line chairs, and pair them with this rug on the floor
Now, that would definitely shake things up a bit!
Trouble is, PB doesn't make rugs in 4x6, which is exactly the size I need, AND it won't be simple and/or cheap to ship a rug down here even if I CAN find one the right size!

So, for now, think I'll just do a little fabric daydreamin'!

Oh! Don't know if you've ever seen a pic of this ho-hum glider I got when I was planning our baby nursery - it's upholstered in a very bland khaki and soooo needs something fun...How great would that azalea-colored grid print up there look? If I can only figure out how to re-cover it myself (we are talking budgets, here!), I just might be in business!
Oh, I miss her sweet little room in NC! :(