Warrenton Antiques Fair, Part Deux

So, where was I??? Oh yes, the gourd patch....at around this point, we had sufficiently encumbered our little cart, so we headed to the car to unload Round 1

That rug is a smallish, inexpensive Persian I found that'll look great with the Mexican pillow covers

And I rarely miss a chance to take note of a clever use of antlers

So cute & colorful, these little chairs - I was minus my Little Person for this shopping trip, but she was always on my mind!

This was the Big One, the Grand Kahuna Purchase - Literally! It's a garden fountain (obviously) and it's made from two, old grinding stones. Mom bought it to have a "water feature" out at their pavilion. It sounded so good and soothing - I was very tempted to cool my tootsies!

So this was the point in the day when I'd thought I'd died and gone to Heaven....until I checked price tags! I've been coveting Swedish Mora clocks since I saw one in Diane Keaton's uh-mazing beach house in Something's Gotta Give. All of these were so beautiful, as were the Gustavian chairs, tables, and cabinets. I sat with the dealer for awhile, and learned quite a bit about the styling and features of the clocks. I usually don't get too jazzed over traditional grandfather clocks, but these shapely beauties are WAY HIGH on my Wishlist! For any of you interested, the dealer has a website, and he's more than happy to share his knowledge of all things Swedish Country.
Oh! Almost can't stop looking....

OK, this is too wild....we were on our way out when I spied this chair near a garbage drum...I inquired about it at the booth that is tarped in the picture, and the guy said it belonged to the next booth, so I went to the next booth (a lady's) she said it belonged to the booth that was closed up across the lane... Hmm...Closed Booth + Chair near Trash (TX Law: Abandoned Property) = ONE FREE CHAIR!!
And just look at the nice spoke design! This little doll is just screamin' for a beauty makeover, and I can't wait!!

But wait, there's more! Look who I got!! Maybe I'd lost my mind, but when something hits me, I always regret it if I don't grab it. I called Ben and said "what would you say if I told you I bought a two-foot tall Buddha?" All I heard was silence...and then laughter from my In-Laws who overheard the question!
Buddha may have to live in Texas for awhile, but that's OK...I think that first one I saw at the nursery brought us good karma, and this purchase was meant to be!

Of course, Avery is not too sure about 'ol Buddha...I think here she's saying..."But,
I'm the Buddha around here!"

Happy Shopping to all of you headin' out to the rollin' hills of Warrenton and Round Top this week - may good karma be with you all!