A Little Bit of Bahia

Hola! Sorry I've been postless the last few days. I had hoped to put up one last thing before the weekend, and time just got away from me...

So, we got back from Salvador last night...I think the first visit anywhere is a bit of a preview, and a learning experience, and that was definitely the case for me on this trip. There were parts I'd repeat, and other things that, having seen once, I'd seen enough....

Salvador is in the Northeast of Brazil, in the Bahia region. The area is heavily influenced by African culture, is very colorful, and the people are warm and kind. Unfortunately, the poverty is staggering, and I couldn't help but be grateful for all the blessings in my life...too many to count, but an appropriate time to be thinking of them with Thanksgiving just a week away.

Our hotel, A Casa Das Portas Velhas (house of old doors) was very charming, and the staff and service were impeccable - I would recommend it to anyone!
Ben and Avery in the lobby sitting area

The decor was light, airy, and punctuated with all the old doors salvaged during the building's renovation - very rustic-elegant
Objet d'art - love these guys!

Lovely, rustic furniture

View from a beachside cafe

Colorful characters - part of the weekend festivities in the historical district

Now, I'd be remiss (and fibbing) if I didn't say we ate like there was no tomorrow....
Ben enjoying grilled octopus (his new favorite dish) - I tried it....flavor reminded me a bit of lobster, but I wasn't too keen on the texture of the "suction cups"

Me and one of my faves - miso soup! Might seem surprising that there is some really fabulous sushi in Brazil, but when you consider the largest Japanese population (outside of Japan) resides in Brazil, it makes plenty sense!

Lighthouse point

View outside our room balcony - wish it were in better photographic light, but I forgot to snap it until right before we left - oh well!

Hope you all have a chance to get away a bit over the next week or so - to be with family and friends, and be Thankful!