A Place to Call Home...

That's what all our books are desperately in need of! Currently, the contents of our small, but eclectic library are stacked on the floor of our office - generally taking abuse and serving as a sitting platform for one unnamed 16-month-old...

So, this weekend, I'm begging the hubby to take me to the "furniture fair" here in Brasilia. From what I've observed (at a distance) it's a cross between a flea market and a handful of furniture "dealers." I doubt we'll buy anything to house our books, but I'd like to browse a bit, and maybe do some snooping around for possible furniture

Thinking of books makes me dream of one of my all-time favorite design elements: library ladders. Aren't they just so clever? Have you seen them used in kitchens - now that always strikes me as especially sublime - to have a kitchen so grand you need a rolling ladder to reach everything - whew!

Oh well....dream on, I will....and will most definitely keep these in mind this weekend!

As Avery would say..."Ooooh-wee!!"

Maybe I can find a talented furniture maker, and have one of these babies made...That would definitely constitute a successful weekend for me!! What are your plans?

Happy Weekend, Ya'll!!