Holiday Musings....and Brazilian Sense of Fashion

Happy Monday, ya'll! I'm giddy about the short work week, and I don't even "go to the office!" I know many of you must be looking forward to spending time with family and friends, eating too much, watching your favorite football teams, and generally relaxing and giving Thanks. I wish you all Godspeed and safe travels this week.

We'll be doing the non-traditional thing this Thanksgiving - just the three of us rather than our usual big family gig, and we're trying our hand at rack of lamb rather than turkey. I'll still attempt to make my grandmother's wonderful dressing, but otherwise, we figure everything else is different about the holidays this year, we'll just add our own, overseas twist!

The good news is, we got our flights booked to go home for Christmas! We'll arrive in Texas around six in the morning on the twenty-fif
th - Christmas dawn. It doesn't bother me to travel on the far as I'm concerned, the best gift will be that we'll get to spend Christmas Day with our families. And as we're flying overnight on the 24th, I'll be sure to keep a look out the airplane window for that jolly 'ol man in a sled! ;)

Well...we had a lovely, low-key weekend. The weather was overcast and cool, inducing a bit of laziness, but also some nice family time. I even got some "Mommy time" on Sunday with a shopping trip to a local Christmas fair. We have similar things in the States, but this was more clothing than arts & crafts, which leads me to Brazilian fashion...

When I first arrived here, I thought everyone looked like they were trapped in a fashion time warp from the '80s. A lot of very tight jeans, belted, oversize shirts, and plenty of bling. But what I've now come to realize is, the Brazilian wom
en aren't trapped at all - they have a very unique, savvy, and confident fashion sense. Of course, you think of colorful outfits, and teeny bikinis when you think of Brazil, but what you probably don't envision is some beautifully tailored and edgy designs.
I'm no fashion plate, but I appreciate fashion, and admire women who can "pull it off." After having a kiddo, I realize I'll never have the same body, much less that of a model, but I've also discovered that "pulling it off" is much more about attitude and confidence, not a perfect frame (although that doesn't hurt!)

Here's some scans from a catalog I snagged on a recent mall trip, and a snap of the dre
ss I picked up at this weekend's fair...let me know what you think!

OK, boobs or no boobs, that navy dress in the middle is TO-DIE-FOR

Nice handbags, too...
See all the pleatwork and boxy shapes? You'd think it wouldn't be flattering, but somehow, it works!
I love that grey dress on the right - and wish I had an event to which to wear it!
Here's my dress - no, I wasn't about to model it, and yes, I know it looks a bit like a Hefty bag, but trust me, it's cuuuute!! Needs some quirky, cool shoes, though, right?