Saturday (Virtual) Shopping Spree

Well, as it turns out, the "furniture fair" was more or less nonexistent. Better luck next time... However, we did come across the Brazilian version of Home Depot - a store called Leroy Merlin. I can't say I was impressed, but I WAS pleasantly surprised. And yes, they have moved beyond the Stone Ages, and DO indeed mix paint (which I really sort of figured,) so I was thrilled - onward projects!

On a totally other note, I was madly surfing Saturday night while keeping a keen eye on some great college football games (I wanted/needed LSU to win - boo hoo....) Anyway, I've never ordered anything from Overstock, so I can't account for their service, quality of product, etc...BUT I found some FAN-TABULOUS stuff for incredible prices. To make it all the more sweet, they claim to ship most items to APOs - Hallelujah!

Here's some of the things I'd purchase if I were footloose and budget-free....

Thought all these lamps were pretty great - I'm dying for the turquoise ceramic one - it would look so great on my black nightstand....And you won't believe me when I tell you the pair of red bulb lamps was going for $99 - Incredible!

Also hit the rug section - Each of these (about 4x6) were well under $100! NB: They also have a "worldstock" section that included some beautiful rugs from the Far East - probably not antiques, but also not ridiculously expensive...

I didn't buy....on this virtual trip, but I've got some serious Wishlist stuff goin' on!

Have you ever bought from Overstock? Good/Bad experience? Nice/Poor quality? Let me know!