Decking These Halls

...Or, at least trying - I'm gettin' there, folks....trimmed our little tree yesterday -with Avery's help, of course...that was interesting ;) It's sort of Brazilian-colorful and busy, but it's happy in a Charlie Brown Christmas sort of way, so I adore it!

Sorry to say I'm signing off for a few days - because I'm going to Rio - woo-hoo!! We leave tomorrow morning, and will be back on Monday, so rest assured, I'll have a full re-cap when we return. If I get a chance to post before then, I will, but in the meantime.....

...And yet, it's merely three feet tall...

Some of my vintage glass ornaments

Mexican tin - so festive and fun!

Rio by Air - hope the weather cooperates so I can go up to the famous Christos

Don't think this'll be me...Wait! It IS me!! ;)
(yeah, in my dreams, my bottom looks that good!)