Drumroll, please

Ohhh-Kaaaay!! Here's the result on the chairs! I'm really pleased, although I think the pattern could/should have been centered a bit more on the chair back. - am I a tad OCD, YES! But, really, the overall workmanship is great, and the padding, etc. have been completely restored, so they're good as new!

So, here's where the room stands now...If you're wondering why I'm dragging tail on painting the "TV console" (and the other pieces I intend to paint) it's because I'm holding out for one of these buddies...
Of which I intend to pick up on this next trip to The States. It'll be worth the wait - a much smoother, more professional finish (I hope!)

So, I never got any feedback on the pillows and throw I picked up in Rio. Do you think they work? Did I overdo it on the yellow? As in too matchy-matchy? I was questioning my instincts when I saw this picture from the Wish magazine website - a totally-perfect representation of my idea! Of course, I'll be minus the fab lucite coffee table and white (read: not child-friendly) rug, but otherwise, I think I'm getting warm. Thoughts?
Check it out: Even that throw has pom-poms on it like mine! Maybe I should try to trim my curtain panels with some wide-width yellow grosgrain???

But, there's still some unanswered questions...and I really need some non-biased input...
I have yet to order any fabric for this other side chair...
Once I bought the pillows and throw, I figured I'm done with the yellow and need to bring in the gray and black I originally intended to use as "stabilizing" colors...

I found these three patterns - all of which I like, but Ben thinks will be too busy... A gray velvet would look cool with a contrasting pillow - but my couch is a putty-colored faux-suede...so...Ideas? A subtle stripe? A less-obvious pattern (one that's more texture, less print?)
Oooh! Did I just have a lightbulb go off??? Texture, texture, hmmm...What about soft, workable natural fiber? You fabric junkies out there need to come through for me!

Additionally, there's the lamp...I'll keep the base (the harp design complements the della fabric), but clearly, the red shade must bid adieu - but what should be the replacement? A plain white shade will blend with the wall, and be TOTALLY BORING. Should I find yet another fabric to cover the shade? Try to paint it? Any of you seen anything inspiring lately for DIY lamp redos?

And that's where we stand today....I figure we're about half-way through - which in Brazilian time, means we're done - Ha!

Editor's Note: One last thing...in my haste to post the other day, I incorrectly labeled the name and link of the Hospice to which I will make a post-jewelry sale donation (BTW: Sale was a success!) The organization that I am partial to is Hospice of South Texas. The angels on Earth (as I see them) of this Hospice cared for my Grandmother. She would be 82 this Tuesday.
Grandmother "Granny" and Grandpa