Fontaholics Anonymous

I'll admit it, I have a serious problem. I am obsessed with fonts - there, I said it. Ditto that for stationary, and just about anything having to do with personalized paper goods. This time of year always brings my little vice out of the shadows with all the Christmas cards, holiday invitations, etc...

I spent way too much time contemplating the final font selection on our Christmas cards. In fact, I'm such a sucker for scripts, scribbles, and serifs that I not-so-secretly score any stationary I ever receive (yeah, say that sentence fast five times!), and award major mental points for anyone who gets beyond the standards. Times New Roman - I'd rather lose a limb!!

I can't even begin to name a favorite - I have too many, and each is appropriate for a different occasion, person, etc. Is it strange that I get an email newsletter from a font website, showcasing their "rising stars?" Probably. Will I ever give up this obsession? Never!

These are a few of my all-time and new faves....From top: VIP, Copperplate, Sympathique, Suave Calligraphy, Queen, Hemparty Sans, Cookie Nookie, and Inspiration

You know, stationary makes a really nice gift. It's personal and thoughtful, and comes in all price ranges. In this day of emails and texts, who doesn't like to receive an actual letter handwritten on beautiful paper? Finestationary has a really great selection, and right now, they are making donations to Operation Gratitude for any holiday orders over $50. Do you need any other reason to get ordering? Here are samples of some little lovelies I found:
Allie Munroe's design - I'm really diggin' that faux croc envelope!

Boatman Geller's nod to mod

And, did you know Vera Wang does paper? Nope, neither did I, but I'm not surprised at the classic loveliness of these notecards - those patterns on the envelope linings are way grand!
Hope you all are well on your way to being done with your gift list. Don't forget 'tis better to give than receive, and often, the most treasured gifts have tiny price tags. Have a wonderful and restful weekend!