Riddle Me This

My good friend, Heather, emailed me this morning with a quandry - she needs decoration ideas for her neighborhood mother's club Holiday in the Park party - the theme is "Santa's Toy Shop."

I don't want to embarrass her, but first I must give some major kudos to my dear friend - there's nothing I love more than to honor women who do it ALL, and rarely even stop to give themselves a pat on the back - so I'll do it for her....Heather's a full-time attorney with an 18 month old precious little boy - when she's not working like a madwoman, she's reffing lacrosse, getting up at the crack of dawn for "Drill Sergeant" workouts, being a devoted wife, and now she's co-chair of this holiday party! The girl's got it goin' on in the busy department, so when she pleaded for some creative help, I was more than tickled to (try to) help.

So, I put on my little holiday thinking cap, went to some trusty image search sites, and soon, a picture started to emerge....a cozy cottage nestled in the deep snow of the North Pole bustling inside with activity - hammers beating, tools tinkering, a Christmas Countdown clock ticking away - all while a watchful Santa re-checks The List of Naughty and Nice....Can you see it?

Heather, can you put together (in all your spare time!) something like an elf, maybe a "countdown to Christmas" clock, some of Harris' play tools, a faux fireplace (tissue paper makes great "fire"), maybe a "naughty and nice" list? I'd hit a paper store, or a teacher's supply, or hit up a friend who has good drawing skills - throw in some lights, tinsel, fake snow and gifts, and I think you'll have a hit on your hands!
I hope this was a little helpful....Wish I was there to help make it happen for you!

Santa's shop by atexski

I really am all about design questions, bouncing creative ideas, lending a creative hand, etc...Feel free to send me any comments or questions - seriously, I live for this stuff!