Sista's On a Mission

Brooke (my little sis) and I hit some antique malls recently. Our mission: find interesting (read: not mass-produced) table lamp to sit atop her new side table.

Project table - cute little black pedestal in living room
College-era floor lamp to be replaced by (hopefully) cool, non-standard-issue table lamp.

(Hint: Big Sister Alison had something like this in mind)
Keep in mind, this was a relatively major event for me as I was baby-free and able to really nose around the went a little bit like this....

Unbeknownst to me, said antique store has a fair selection of repro hardware. Note to self: return with measurements to replace TV stand hardware...
Oh my! A perfect little metal lawn chair - Avery worthy, indeed!

Heard of milk glass, but not of "noir" glass - I was crazy about these black, nobby goblets and pitcher, and can totally see them in a black/white/silver or gold tablescape. Eddie Ross, where are you when I need you?!

I was a huge Nancy Drew fan as a little girl, and recognized many a title in this wow-ey collection. Cool. Very Cool.

Well, well, well....what do we have here??? Nothing less than a way-cool-for-school, retro, ceramic gourd lamp. In good condition, with shade. Can we say - Mission Accomplished?!
**We'll be updating Mr. Cool Lamp in the next day or two, and will definitely get back to you with B&A's!

**Photos courtesy of sister Brooke's iphone