To Be, Or Not To Be Hermès....THAT is the Question

My thought process on this post is a bit convoluted...let's see if I can "connect the dots" for you...

(Background Info) Book Currently Reading: Bringing Home the Birkin. Forgive me my recent run on literary lightweights, anyway... The book tells the true tale of the author's unexpected mini-career of finding the "world's most coveted handbag," - the Hermès Birkin. You SATC fans remember Samantha's run-in with the infamous (and fabled) "waiting list" for the handbag?, the other day I saw an ad for the new HP Vivienne Tam "clutch" notebook, (how cool is that, by the way - part techy-part glam!) and I thought - what a coincidence- it's pink with peonies. I had just read a chapter in my book about one of the author's first rare finds (before the Birkins): an Hermès scarf in the "pink peonies" design that he ended up re-selling for a pretty penny...

HP Vivienne Tam "clutch" notebook

Hermès Pink Peonies scarf, pleated

So...that got me know, I bought a purported Hermès scarf a few years ago for about five bucks at an estate sale - and the pattern on it is peonies. I didn't know anything about spotting an aunthentic Hermès - I just knew the "real deals" were pricey, this one was cheap - and I love peonies, so why not?

Here's my scarf
I've since learned (from the book) that the company reissues scarf patterns in different color schemes, so it's possible mine's authentic even though it's peach - not rosey-pink like the one the author sought. I think it highly likely mine's a knock-off...but....if it somehow is authentic - I'd just have to say "things are coming up roses - uh, I mean peonies!"

If any of you have a clue on what I can look for, please enlighten ya sista!