Unfinished Business

Have I mentioned in another part of my past life, I was a jewelry designer? Yep, I've always been a jewelry junkie - rarely met a sparkle I didn't like! (It's beyond my control, really, it's in the stars - I'm a Leo!) So, I learned to make jewelry, and for a while, it paid some bills...Anyway, I've got a case full of jewelry I made some time ago that I'm attempting to sell Thursday at the Embassy's weekly artisan's fair - problem is, it's all priced in USD.

To make it more convenient to customers, it needs to be priced in Brazilian Real - so that was supposed to be my weekend project - re-price all these pieces. I was sadly unsuccessful....what can I say, it's a lot more fun to snuggle and laugh with Avery than sit at a table with a calculator and a currency converter...
Wish me luck on getting this done before Thursday a.m.!

P.S. - Yes, I too look at that picture - and get a visual on hours and hours of work, and wonder when in the world did I have so much time?!

P.P.S. - I just saw that Annechovie is offering free shipping this week - No excuses, now!