Java Reverie

As I attempted to pull my brain out of the fog this morning, my thoughts turned to the benefits of very. good. coffee. Admittedly, I've been as much a tea as java girl these days, but today, my visions turn to The Ultimate Cup.
When we moved to North Carolina, and before I started studying for the Bar Exam, I worked as a fledgling barrista at Muddy Waters Coffeehouse in Elizabeth City. What a truly amazing experience - I will never look at (or smell, or taste) coffee the same way - once you go great...well, you know... ;)
Funny, too, how we
(hubby and I) have grown to really enjoy simple espresso rather than lingering over a mug of coffee - I guess when in Rome - or, rather, Brazil... We recently had an after-dinner shot that I swear was made from some sort of ambrosia fruit - the flavor was simply melodic.

So, in my attempts to connect this java reverie to design...I think either of these
wishlist-quality espresso machines might hit the least my Kitchen Gadget Junkie one for sure!
Built-in automatic coffee & espresso machine

WS Elektra Espresso Machine
Do you remember the Sopranos episode when Carmela received one of these? Total scene stealer!

I'll take mine in one of these...
Amelia Espresso Cup & Saucer

While sitting at this table in this room...

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Happy Monday!