MLHP Additions (aka Shameless Plug)

You may have noticed a new addition to the right sidebar - a link to MLHP's new Amazon Store! Here's the scoop: When you click on the link (shopper image), you'll be sent straight to The Store. Once there, you'll find books and other Amazon items personally selected by MLHP to help make YOUR place a Happy one!

Do you love MLHP?
(wink, wink) Fabulous! You can help build and support your favorite little blog by purchasing Amazon items through The Store. For each Store item you buy, MLHP receives a small commission. The prices are the same as they are on Amazon, plus, you can count on the full security of Amazon when purchasing.

Just Think - You get "Happy Place" items,
and the warm fuzzies from supporting MLHP - what a beautiful thing!

P.S. - Don't forget your Wishlist Items, they just might be on The Store's shelf!

Happy Weekend!!