Patently Fabulous

Have you seen all the fantastically fun and colorful patent - be it leather or faux - hitting the shelves? I've always been a sucker for patent, although I stick more to the Mary Jane look rather than Ms. Dominatrix! For me, anytime you add High Gloss to the picture, you also add that "naughty or nice" bit of glamour - ooh la la!!

Had some boots similar to the ones on the left on my Amazon Wishlist...then figured I'd get to wear them maybe six weeks....

Dolce & Gabbana handbag - won't even bother putting it on a Wishlist!
Celine clutch
My favorite shade of the water in The Maldives (at least as I imagine it!)

Cinching a waist was never prettier...

My hubby would choke if he knew how close I recently came to purchasing this bag...
Or it's little sister...

The trend has also crossed over into the home - in the form of high-gloss lacquer paint finishes on furniture. I must say I love it - but a little does go a long way....

Here's what Domino Mag has to say about Lacquer:

What is lacquer? A super glossy furniture finish that can be clear or tinted. The practice started in ancient China and caught on in Europe during the 1600s.

Why lacquer? Its of-the-moment look will elevate a wood piece from plain to luscious and add glamour to any room.

What's involved? Lacquering requires chemicals, sanding and multiple coats, a process which is best left to the pros.**MLHP adds - typically a high-gloss paint AND clear "lacquer paint" on top!

Is there any kind of wood furniture you shouldn't lacquer? Shiny finishes magnify imperfections, so poorly made or dented furniture may need extra prep work, such as sanding or painting.

Can I get the lacquer effect another way? Some professional painters can spray a piece with super high-gloss paint. For DIY, apply a brush-on lacquer like Minwax, but remember to wear a mask and ensure proper ventilation.

How do I find a professional? Look in the yellow pages under furniture repair, restoration or refinishing, though word-of-mouth references are always best.

How much should it cost? Expect to pay between $200 and $600 for a nightstand and $700 to $2,500 for a dining table. (Note: The process can take up to a month.)

Here's some examples I came across - and I apologize for the lack of credits...

Vintage butter yellow bedside table

Can you imagine if I did my French Provincial desk like this? Soooo fab!!

Courtesy of Blulux home

Loving the super glossy black on this Chippendale

This would look killer in a bathroom otherwise done in neutrals

Really diggin' the way these owners tempered the traditional red & black chinoiserie template with the classic ticking and nailhead on the sofa - egggcellent!

Linds...this one's for you!