This is the same look of confusion I had when I got the news yesterday about Domino mag...
I was apparently the last person in the Universe to know, as I've been under the weather, and less tuned-in (hence the lack of posts, also). I, like so many other design junkies, covet the mag, and am just beyond sad to hear of its demise. On a more personal note, shelter mags like Domino and Cottage Living (R.I.P.) are one my few connections to "real-Home" when we are in Brazil. Losing them has been a small body-blow to my sense of inspiration and brings unwanted doubt to my hopes of pursuing a design-oriented future - but I WILL persevere! We'll just have to work that much more diligently to search for affordable, great design!

I will take this moment to plug the Domino Book of Decorating, though....I'm even MORE grateful to have received it as a gift, and think there's no better time to grab one for yourself. You don't need to go far - they're on the MLHP Amazon store shelf!! ;)

I still need to get all the gunk out of my head (hopefully, the kiddo's as well), and I promise to be back fresh next week with some good stuff!! Have a great weekend!