Blogger's Block?

You'll be delighted (and maybe a little envious) to know that in Brazil, there is a three-day national holiday for the festival of Carnaval. Tacked on to the weekend, its a nice mini-vacay - all in the name of one, giant party. Since my hubby, Ben, has been home for his days off, I should have had a perfect opportunity to do some great research, and get some seriously sublime blog posts out, right?
While Ben actually got something productive done, I followed him and Avery around with my much for splendid design blogging, huh? Oh well, my Mom will love it!

Ben's target: pair of faded adirondacks
Consequently, these aren't just ANY adirondacks...they were hand-patterned and made by our good friend, Scott. Check out that handiwork!
So, we feel a little more inclined to keep them looking their best...
While Ben was putting in the elbow grease to give our chairs some much-needed TLC...I found someone having a grand 'ol time throwing a ton of plastic balls in and out of the house

So, I got some shots of our backyard
...And the bridge and lake near our home
But, it IS a holiday, after the other chair will receive her spa treatment tomorrow...
Besides, we can all think of a better way to spend our afternoon...