Design Dilemma Fridays!!!

I've been wanting to do this for a long time....come up with something to do on a regular basis - a feature of sorts - for all (you!) my lovely MLHP friends. After some commiserating with my closest design junkies, an idea emerged: Design Dilemma Fridays!
Here's how it'll work. Email me a picture, or if you prefer, just ask a question, (but as the cliché goes - a pic is worth...) about a Design Dilemma you're having. It can be anything as big as "What do I DO with this room?" to something as little as "What sort of lamp should I pair with this table?" Anything goes!

I'll put some thought and time into throwing together some ideas for you, and then I'll feature your Dilemma on a given Friday. I'll email you to let you know the exact Friday your Dilemma will be featured. Sound
fun??? I think so...but then again, I live for this sort of thing!

Please keep in mind...I'm not a design professional - I've just always been told I have a knack for putting rooms together...oh, and I
absolutely love doing it!
Feel free to tell some friends about it - the more Dilemmas, the merrier!

So....On with the Show!!!

For the First Episode of Design Dilemma I've put myself out as guinea pig (imagine that!)

Dilemma: Boring, way-too-much-brown guest room at Casa Giese. Can I give it some much needed life?
Well...There's a picture from House Beautiful I tore out about a year ago of a beautiful bedroom owned by designer Kathryn Ireland.
I'm just crazy about how she incorporates her own ethnic-inspired fabrics (on coverlet) with a large lumbar pillow covered in a festive Otomi embroidered fabric. This room is happy and colorful - and like mine, has white, white walls as a canvas to work with. It's just. so. FUN!
Coincidentally, you may have noticed over the past year the use of lots of amazingly-embroidered fabrics. Otomis are only one kind - a type of embroidery specific to tribes in Mexico. If you want to learn more about these and other Uh-Ma-Zing textiles from Mexico - go to this site.
Otomis come in any number of colors - trust me, its hard to decide on just one!
...And you can see where designers have done some pretty fab things with them...

The above two images were snagged from an earlier post by EofS - originally from Domino

This headboard is slipped in a Suzani (I believe) - but the feel is the same - Just FAB!! pic from Domino

So...back to the Dilemma....guess what I just happen to own? ;) Yep - that is an authentic Otomi. I bought it in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico when we were married there (almost five years ago - gasp!) I'm thinking Miss Otomi is sick and tired of being cooped up in the cedar chest, and would be much happier being the center of attraction in my Dilemma guest bedroom. What do YOU think???
So...I've left you with a bit of a teaser! I've got some W.O.R.K. to do this weekend to try to pull off a resolution to this Dilemma before Monday, and I hope to see you then for the "After Party!"
Have a great weekend!!

P.S. - A big thank you to my design blog partners-in-crime (you know who you are.) I appreciate your ideas and support more than you know.