Project Time! Dining Room Facelift

My sister, Brooke and I have been scheming on what we could do (cost effectively) to give her dining room some much-needed punch. She wasn't happy with the way her table visually melded into the hardwoods - being almost the same honey color... but the purchase of a new table wasn't really in the budget...
She also wanted to bring some pizazz to her built-in china cabinet - to help make her lovely china and crystal stand out...
So, with brains bubbling creativity, off to the paint and craft stores we went...

Thursday was a perfect day for a painting project. First comes (tinted) primer...In case you're interested, in my humble opinion, Zinsser "Bullseye" primer is top-notch!
Project Mascots: Miss Betty Prukop and Sir Winston Sumbera (with matching pink tongues!)
After the first coat...loookin' gooood....
Friday's weather wasn't as promising, and we had to work in double-time to get that second coat on - all in all, made much easier with the help of the Wagner Power Painter** We had about three hours of outdoor dry time before the mist/sprinkles turned to a full-on shower - HURRY! We have to get the table in the house!!!
Thankfully, the table was dry enough to skeet indoors, and, really, it was a good thing to get it out of the humidity. So onward, project we went!

You've seen people using wallpaper in the backs of cupboards, secretaries, etc, right? Well, what about something a little less labor-intensive, and a bit less permanent....say...Scrapbook Paper???
There's a wealth of selections...Brooke was aiming at a damask-ish pattern, but look at that oooh-wee green faux-croc - fantabulous!
Factor in some removable double-sided scrapbook tape, a ruler, and some patience...and Voilà!
A custom look for nothing near custom price!
Doesn't it flatter her pretties soooo much more than the previous, basic white background?

Here's a B&A shot of the table - big difference, huh? We also put down a thick jute rug she picked up at IKEA - a truly fabulous find! I swear, I saw a picture in a recent PB catalog that nearly mimics this look - and we killed this project for under $100! (not counting the rug)
So, there ya go! What do you think? Did we knock it out? I'm super excited we got this done before I head back South, and ofcourse, glad to get my design fix! ;)

To my Valentine....Sorry we are not together on this day for sweeties, but you are very much in my thoughts - Love You, and Happy Valentine's Day! See you Monday!
**Just a little helpful note - I can't exactly give my endorsement to Mr. Wagner, the Power Painter. He can't help it, he means well, but he just doesn't have quite what it takes to give a smooth, professional paint finish. He's a great buddy for detailed paint projects that don't require an expert touch, and will save you some time, but he won't be going back to sorry, Mr. Wagner. For my Portu-Giese paint projects: Plan B....