Tickle Me

I'm REALLY having a pink moment these days - undoubtedly brought on by the upcoming Valentine's Day festivities. So, went a-lookin' for some pink interiors for a little vicarious design fix. I've never "done" anything pink - save for the few touches of whisper-soft petal I did in Avery's nursery...clearly, I've missed out because from what I can see, pink can be downright divine!
You can go one-piece-focal-point...
Or SHAZAM! Out-of-the-ballpark!
This boudoirish sitting room is unabashedly feminine...
And I don't know that I've seen a lovelier non-frou-frou bedroom. Betcha didn't think Pepto could look so good? And that killer mirror slash headboard - I DIE!
This room is so pretty, it's blushing!
And this entryway makes no apologies...and I SO DIG THAT!
This study is a literal interpretation of "seeing the world through rose-colored glasses." P.S. - If it looks familiar - it's the set of Charlotte's study on SATC.
If a pink theme is a little more than you can bear, take heart...there's other ways to get in that blushy spirit! Check out these mouthwatering finds from Etsy. Soooo much talent, so little time to browse!
Eifel tower photography print from jkldesign

You've seen the poster, how 'bout the pendant? From ImagesUnderGlass

Do you want to snuggle this precious little girl as much as I do? Tutu by HannahsTutus

And if all else fails, to hell with pink - GO
I can't even tell you how much fun my husband would have at my expense if I ordered this print, as I am sooo dying to do! I mean, really, it says it all, right? ;)