Who Knew?

In case any of you haven't noticed, JCPenney has kicked it up a notch in the design department. I pay more attention to their classic catalog, now, because they are one of the few vendors who can or will ship larger items to an APO box. Now, don't go hoity toity on me ;) You don't have to look too closely to see 'ol JCP has gotten some serious design "inspiration" from the likes of PB, RH, and Ballard - I'll let those parties work that out amongst themselves....In the meantime, check out these finds to see for yourself!

I'm slowly entering the mode of changing Avery's nursery into a "big girl's" room, so this create-your-own bedroom caught my eye - where have I seen this before? Hmmmm???? ;)
create your own room system

But what little Diva wouldn't love this fit-for-a-princess tufted headboard? Especially when you can order it in hot pink!
hollie tufted headboard

Then again, I love the tailored look of this monogrammed, upholstered bed - again, comes in several color selections
upholstered twin bed

This woven grass bed would be perfect for a guest bedroom here in the tropical savannah area where I live
hancock bed

I think I'd use this wall lamp on either side - love it!
bridge wall lamp

And I can think of any number of places to put this sleek side table
palmer side table

I'm sure you've seen sawhorse desks like this one...they've practically obtained iconic status!
cordovan desk

Oh, the lamps! I'm crazy about lamps - always seeing ones I love, but not having a place for them - maybe I should start some sort of lamp rescue shelter (but, I digress...)

from top left: tustin crystal, Madden glass (ooh-wee!), hammered table, ceramic tile table lamp

If your home leans more rustic, you might be thrilled to know JCP has gotten in on the antler chandelier action
antler chandelier

Or if you prefer a more glamourous approach, this mirrored bedside table might be a perfect match
versaille cabinet

To me, design is not so much about having an expensive piece, or something from a well-known designer as it is just being able to create the look - the space - that makes you happy. If you can accomplish that from JCP, or any other go-to place (especially in this economy), I say kudos to you!!