Design Dilemma: Brilliant Bedroom Basics

You would probably laugh if you knew how nervous I become preparing these Friday Design Dilemmas. That's not to say I don't thoroughly enjoy putting them together (because I do!), I just recognize my own OCD tendencies, and have to put them out there for your humor as well...

Having said that, this was probably the most stress-inducing DD to date! As you'll soon see, the Dilemma itself was very straightforward, but the challenges for me were unique:
One, this was the first DD I've done on a home I've never visited, and
Two, to carry-out some of my ideas would require some skills with a tool set, and unlike HGTV, MLHP isn't equipped to provide the standard carpenter/painter/seamstress team!

I batted around multiple scenarios, talked to other design junkies, (I bounced so many ideas off Ben, he should probably charge me a consulting fee), but in the end, I thought maybe I should just go with a whole stream-of-consciousness approach - so, with that clumsy intro....

Design Dilemma: Turn basic bedroom treatments into stop, stare, and enjoy amenities!

My friend, Nicole has been busy, busy putting together all the final touches in the home she purchased a little over a year ago. As I said, I've not seen her place in person, but from what she says, as well as the pictures she posts on her blog, Nicole's Treasure Chest, I can tell she really enjoys making sure her home is charmingly pulled-together.
Despite doing her best to create a cozy, restful bedroom space, Nicole hasn't been able to conquer the demons of standard-builder wares - namely: vertical blinds and track closet doors.

Here's the pics she sent.
Note: the vertical blinds and closet doors are positioned on the same wall.
Here's more-or-less how my thought process went after reading her email... "OK, easy - take bad-news-bears closet doors out, replace with a nice curtain panel. Crap! If I hang a curtain over her closet, what in the world do I do with her window - or is it a glass-sliding door?
Option 1: Hang TWO, matching curtains & rods - one over the window (removing vertical blinds, of course), and one over the closet (removing closet doors)
Option 2: Hang curtain over window, do something else with closet doors (i.e - paint, replace with frosted mirrors/glass)
Option 3: Get one, large curtain rod and several panels to run the length of the wall - covering both the closet and the window
Bingo! We have a winner - behind Door Number 3!"

Here's why I think Option 3 is the best way to go....
First and foremost, seamless-ness - You want to focus the eye not on what is dull and uninspiring (like closet doors and vertical blinds), but rather on something striking - like beautiful curtain panels.
I would order a very long, decorative curtain rod, and hang it very near the ceiling to create visual height. I would also consider painting a contrasting border near the ceiling. - no more than two inches in width. This would create the illusion of architectural interest (like crown molding without the expense!) Next, I'd order curtain panels long enough to slightly puddle on the floor.

Nicole's bedroom is very traditional, so I'd try to flow with that look. This bedroom has the same trad-sumptuous feel - along with a wall of curtains hung high (I can't emphasize this enough!!)
Here's how I'd carry it out:
Curtain Rod: JCP Nichole (how do you like that!) Rod in Sienna Bronze - the 72-144" rod runs a very fair $59, and you can get a 40" extension rod for another twenty bucks - that should cover the length of the closet & window wall - don't forget to order a couple of extra wall brackets!
Because Nicole's bedding ensemble has a lot of intricate pattern and satiny-shine, I'd probably try to contrast that with a rich velvet drape - again, all in keeping with the boutique look she already has going on.
Depending on the width of each panel, I'm thinking she may need four to cover the expanse of the wall. Maybe something like this would work...
Overstock is also a great resource - these "signature velvet" panels run $79 each for the 84" panels, $149 for the 96". They've also got a pair they're running for $29, but curtains that cheap are gonna look that cheap, just sayin'.... In this case, I'm really digging the lichen green (Hello, Scarlet O'Hara's "mother's portieres" dress!), but I'd also consider the cafe or espresso - just think the maroon wine would be too "matchy-matchy."
So, there's my take on killing two birds with one stone...

But, we're not done, yet! Nicole would also like a different venue for her TV. She mentioned she hates her current TV stand, and would like an enclosed cabinet, but doesn't want to crowd up the room with a bulky armoire.
So, here's my thought....{fidgeting} OK, I'm gonna say it...let's lose the TV. Don't feng shui-ists declare that TVs destroy the good energy of a bedroom? (Same goes for computers and exercise equipment.) I know, I used to be a big watch-tv-in-bed-before-dozing-off kind of gal, but now that I don't have it - I realize how nice it is NOT to have to look at it the other 23 hours of the day!
I would love to see Nicole replace the TV and stand with an elegant little writing desk, like this...
Highland desk via Overstock
...Put a lovely chair to the right - I happen to think a Chinese Chippendale - in glossy black - would look particularly fab
...Where it could be easily pulled up to the desk for letter-writing (people still do that, right?), bill-paying, etc. This one is via Ballard

I'd wrap it up with a lovely lamp - something like this..or this
both from Lampsplus
Probably add some sort of living greenery - maybe a potted palm - and call this Bedroom Bliss!