From the Inners of the Earth

The quest to keep design interesting and fresh is, I imagine, one of the keenest challenges for a designer. With the relative access to design for mere mortals like myself, The Stylemakers are constantly looking for the next "it" thing - strategizing (or would that be stra-TEE-ger-izing!) on a look, an item, a color that will be novel in some way. You know you've heard the rumblings among the designerati: once something has gone PB, Ballard, or heaven-forbid Tarjay - it's too mainstream, downright passé...But did you ever imagine they'd go to the Inners of the Earth for the next perfect decor accessory? Enter Geodes.
Geodes (Greek geoides, "earthlike") are geological rock formations which occur in sedimentary and certain volcanic rocks. Geodes are essentially rock cavities or vugs with internal crystal formations or concentric banding. per Wikipedia.
I've thoroughly enjoyed all the use of natural and nature-inspired elements in home design. We've seen coral and shells, antlers and animal skins, and lots and lots of botanical prints. I don't care what anyone says, I think most of these items have a permanent fixture in design - "hot" or "not."

However, given the plethora of said items, it didn't surprise me in the least to see geodes and other mineral sculptures popping up everywhere as a new variation on Earthen elements in design.
Sometimes they aren't very conspicuous, like say, that mammoth set of moose antlers one Domino room featured, but they are elegant, light-catching and ethereal. Some people believe the gemstone crystals bestow health and well-being - something I certainly won't turn down!

See if you can spy the little pretties in these rooms - remember, they are sometimes very discreet - how classy of them!
Catch a glimpse of the geode slivers on Amanda Nisbet's tablescape?
Guess she's a bit fond of the look, 'cuz there's a pair of the crystalline rocks on that right bedside table (I know, you really have to look!) Traditional Home
Here, Chad Eisner had one custom-made into a lamp
House Beautiful

A tad on the Wow side...Jan Showers' Honeycomb Calcite lamp - You don't EVEN want to know the price! Traditional Home

I'm guessing one of the reasons I've noted these lovely rocks is because we visited a rather large gem and mineral store when we stayed in Rio last December (see this post.) I was fascinated with all the intricate, edgy formations. There were natural sculptures made from every gemstone I've ever heard of, and even some I haven't! Brazil is known for its rich deposits of minerals. Lucky for me, the area most known for the gemstone mines is but a weekend road-trip away. Who needs H.Stern when you can go to the source, right? ;)
Hmmm....ubiquitous Agate coasters, or zomething more like thees!

So, keep your eyes peeled....the next "it" thing in design might be right under your proverbial nose!