It's a Dog's Blog's Life

Yesterday when we were out-and-about, we drove up alongside this...I'm so impressed Ben was able to snag this shot in a moving vehicle - with a point-and-shoot no less! I doubt I would've been able to do it with my fancy-schmancy DSLR! I think it gives me a photography complex ;)

Speaking of complexes....You know, I visit a lot of blogs - many of which I consider to be top-tier design blogs, written by professional Interior Designers. Most indulge me with inspiring and beautiful images, but the best design blogs also offer a glimpse into the creative mind of an interior artist - and are happy to share the process.
I'm a serial-commenter, so I'm always grateful to bloggers who respond politely to comments I leave by taking a moment to hop over to MLHP and give me a quick hello. Some have even been gracious enough to answer my design and career-related questions. {thank you, Joni & Rebecca}
You can tell a lot about a person by their virtual manners - there are those who are
truly humble and kind despite being oh-so-busy & talented, and those to whom I (little 'ol design-loving, blogger-Mom ex-patted to Brazil) am just far too low on the food chain...

O-Kaaaay...'nuf of my sniveling - let's talk weekend, shall we? What were ya'll up to? This was the first weekend we've had together, as a family, in weeks. Ben travels a lot for work, so it's always a special treat to have weekend time home to be lazy lizards, or busy bees! I can't say we were of the Bee sort, but we did do some furniture rearranging - so I consider it a productive weekend!

I've been bugged by the furniture arrangement in our big living room - just too many pieces placed on the diagonal, and not enough symmetry. (Sorry about the poor image quality)
It was starting to make me go cross-eyed! So, time for some editing...

First things first...remove (let's face it) the ugly, leather slipper chair.

I bought this chair when we were furnishing our home in NC - it was a quick-fix buy, nothing I was ever all that jazzed about - you've had some of those purchases, right? Anyway....the chair sort of blocked a walkway - so it got stashed in the office until I can (hopefully) sell it... from the covered porch came my (as yet un-finished) but still beloved Chinese Chippendales... We placed them opposite the TV cabinet. The painting was Ben's Valentine's gift to me this year - that's a story for another post!
FYI - Yes, I'm trying to choose paint/fabric for these chairs - I'll keep ya posted!

So, this was the finished product...
Can you tell what we did? Yes, I still have two chairs on the diagonal, but moving the ottoman to make it parallel with the sofa, and putting the Chippendales side-by-side created a much more visually-pleasing arrangement. The room feels sooooo much more aligned and organized - I swear I can think more clearly now!
I've got some other ideas brewing for this room....maybe we'll dish on that on Friday. What did ya'll do this weekend? Any good projects? Either way, hope it was restful and restorative!