Note to Self...

A few (important) things...
First: The Domino-Inspired-My-Home Contest - Get Entered!!
This is the last week to send your pictures into We Love Domino (remember, the blog where I guest-posted?) for the contest. The idea is to send in your pictures of either an entire room or a vignette of a room where Domino magazine was particularly inspirational to the design. There's some great prizes for the winner, including Domino: The Book of Decorating (THE new design bible, according to MLHP ;) Click here for all the contest deets - and get snappin' those pics - I will be!
P.S. - Many thanks to Kate for putting MLHP on the We Love Domino blogroll - sending lots 'o love right back at your delightful (and very successful!) new blog!!

Second: Being (sorta) "in the Know" about yet another shelter mag...
I received an email from a good friend who has a friend who has landed a job at Country Living (get all that?) The friend-of-the-friend lost her job at Domino when it bid adieu :( Anyway... word is Country Living has a new Editor in Chief and Design Director, and they are taking the magazine from being primarily a shelter mag, to one that focuses more on a general "country living" lifestyle.
I can't say Country Living has been one of my go-to mags for design ideas, but I certainly appreciate some of the rustic aesthetic (like that natural-linen-covered chair on that cover!) I just really hate to see yet another home design-focused mag go astray! What, are we design junkies not worth catering to, anymore? Good grief!

Lastly: On a happier note...Saw this on Etsy (you all know I'm a big fan)
...And I thought...who doesn't need a purse to go with their TV room fabric? ;)
Thank you, Cassandra, from Coco+Kelly for the heads-up on those divine little purses from Jenniferladd - I'm betting she gets several orders from your post, and rightly so!