Spring, from upside-down

In case you missed it on your calendar, the seasons officially changed from Winter to Spring on Saturday. Down here, below the Equator, our seasons are opposite. Despite the Brazilians calling any rainy months "winter," we are actually moving into what will be dry, cool weather - the Southern Hemisphere's version of Winter.
I'm still functioning in North American seasons (I wonder if that will ever change?) - so for me, Spring sprung on Saturday!
Everyone always asks about the weather down here. Most people envision Rio when they think of Brazil - and Rio is indeed very tropical. Here in Brasilia, though, we are at a higher elevation. The terrain is considered "tropical savanna," and it is much more arid than Rio - despite being only an hour-and-a-half flight away. Our weather here reminds me of Southern California - typically very pleasant (60s) in the mornings and evenings, but quickly warming up to the 80s-90s in the warmest seasons. In the dry season (mid-April to early November), the humidity is very low - a bit irritating to the nasal passages, but perfect for "good hair days!"

Since I've got Spring on the brain, I thought I'd share some thoughts via photos from our yard down here in Brasilia...

This time of year always makes me yearn to get out in the garden - plant something new, or try my hand yet again at something I've been unsuccessful at growing (ahem, lavender!)
I'm a little slow this year, as I'm still learning the names of native plants, what will do well, etc, etc...
One of my all-time faves that will thrive just about anywhere are succulents - I'm a sucker (pun intended!) for all the unique shapes and sizes, AND the fact that each little bud propagates a whole, other plant!
Unfortunately, most of my pots look like this one...
Good news is, Ben will finally be home this weekend, and we have big plans to hit up the jardim botanico (nurseries) - I know, we have a fantastically thrilling life ;)

I'm not much of a rose person, but this bush was already going strong when we moved here, so I'll give her some props for bein' showy!
More spectacular to me, though, is the fresh little orchid I found growing on one of our palms. Orchids of all variety grow naturally on trees down here - I absolutely love it! I can't wait to see what this little beauty turns out like.
I have to say, though (and this is totally unrelated, and quite superficial)...one Spring wish I repeat each year is to hope I can pull out the white pants and look this effortless, chic, and yes....slim....
pants: Boden, image: thirdcoastpreppy

Happy Springtime, to You!