The Big Reveal

Isn't that what they call it on those 30-minute redo shows on HGTV? Let me just provide a tad of perspective, because I'm afraid I generated a lot of buzz for what may amount to not much of anything...The bedroom certainly looks different, fresher - but this was not a major overhaul by any means.

Side Story: I showed Friday's post to my husband that evening, so he would have an idea of what I hoped to accomplish over the weekend...this is kind of how it went:
Me: Hey, look at my post - this is my project for the weekend.
Ben: (Seeing the Kathryn Ireland bedroom pic) Wow, looks like we'll be spending some serious cash this weekend.
Me: Why do you say that?
Ben: Well, we don't have a four-poster bed.
Me: What, you aren't going to buy me a fab piece of colorful art like that? - GEEZ, Ben! The picture is a reference, a guide to A Look - I'm not trying to replicate the room exactly, I know I can't.
Ben: OK, well, then what are you going to do?
Me: Guess you'll just have to wait and see!

Soooo....just a quick reminder/clarification - I used this and this picture as a reference - an ideal, if you will...but I never tried to attempt an exact copy. I'm certainly not to the point of calling the bedroom complete, but I did promise an "after" picture, without any further ado...
What do you think? Here's the Before again... Definitely more lively, no? Wanna know the best part? I didn't spend a dime! These are all things I've had for awhile, just did some mix-n-matching...Just in case you're interested in the deets: Otomi coverlet (from Mexico), embroidered sheet set from the Shabby Chic collection from Tarjay (I've had these for years, so I don't know if they still carry them), large lumbar pillow from Ikea (think they probably do still carry these.)

Does it look welcoming? Can I just tell you how great it smelled in that room after I was done? What with crisp, line-dried linens...
A nice pressing with some lavender Eau de Linge (yes, I press my linens - told you I'm a tad OCD..)
Do I have any takers yet? It's too bad we've had so few guests, because the view from the room isn't too bad, either... imo
...But, as I said, the room isn't nearly complete - so the dilemma rages on...and I really need your opinions. I want/need desperately to paint this bureau.
Now that I'm going for color in this room, I'm thinking a bold, fun paint color - probably high-gloss to lacquered finish, but I'm stuck on a color. What should I do? There's a virtual rainbow of colors to go with in the coverlet, so how does a woman chose?

I must say, this turquoise chest (found by Girl Meets Glamour on Ebay) makes my mouth water!
And I've been dreaming of this hot pink number since I posted about it here
Justify FullI've also bounced around the idea of kelly green (especially after seeing how great it looks in my friend, Carrie's bathroom redo!) Oh! The conundrum!

I welcome your thoughts, and ideas - oh, and by the way, comments make My Little Happy Place just a little
more HAPPY!!