Trendspotting: Samovars

I love samovars - you know, a large (typically) silver urn with a spigot? Traditionally, they are used to boil water for tea making. I think they are beautiful...

I found one a few years ago - a steal at an antique co-op. So, how tickled have I been to see them popping up as a new "It" kitchen accessory?!
House Beautiful
Crazy, crazy about this HB kitchen mix of natural elements and glamorous marble - really turns the silver samovar into an eye-catching piece of kitchen jewelry!

You may not be able to tell in this pic of a Kelly McGuill Home design, but this kitchen has two!
kitchen by Tim Clarke
I doubt they'll go the way of Kitchenaid mixers or Dualit toasters in terms of iconic kitchen gadgets, but what's wrong with a little shimma' near your stove?