A 5-Star Day!

Do any of you remember reading - in a newspaper {gasp!} the daily horoscopes? You know how they'd rate the day your astrological sign was set to have on a scale of 1 to 5 stars? My mother used to call me up at college and say "'Hey, you're destined to have a 5-star day!'" It was just a fun little thing we did...
Well, I think I can safely (and most gratefully) say I had one heck of a 5-star day!

First, my friend, Camila over at High-Heeled Foot in the Door made the sweetest mention of MLHP in her post (thank you, again, CP)!!
Then, I just happened to check out the results from here
to learn I won 3rd place in the Vignette portion of the contest! I'm super-excited, because the prize for third place is this book...
One man's story of the trials, tribulations, and exhultations of home remodeling - I can't wait! There's also a gift card to Goodwill that I'll be donating to one of my Stateside friends.

Just in case you're curious - here was my entry. Remember the first DD I did on our guest bedroom?
...And, here's the Domino mag pic that inspired it...OK, O-kaaaay...I'll stop gushing! I don't win much, can you tell? Maybe I should start playing the Lotto - they DO have one down here, ya know!
I hope you all had a wonderful April 1st, and that you weren't Fooled too much!