Dreamin' in Green

So, you didn't win HGTV's Dream Home out in Napa. Let not your heart be troubled, for as of Friday, you'll be able to enter their sweepstakes for the 2009 Green Home in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Couple of things before we get started...when you see the "Geez...um, well, I suppose I could live here - if forced" interiors, keep in mind that it is a GREEN house - uh-ma-zing! Interior Designer, Linda Woodrum, who, by the way has been the creative genius behind all the HGTV Dream Houses, has worked her magic again! In case you haven't had a chance to take the grand tour, here's a little sneaky-peek!

Hmmm...rarely met a metal roof and double doors I didn't like - lookin' good so far...
Oh! You have me at hola!
The Family Room - Looks cozy enough for my fam! Inspired by 1950s cabana decor - crisp, yet inviting - furnishings are organic, too!
Be sure to note the recurring use of tropical plants, especially phalaenopsis orchids.
"Lounge Area" (wait 'til you see what they've designated some of the other spaces - insane!) I'm loving the punctuation of coral-y orange throughout the house - very "Sunshine State," but always tempered with well-edited fabrics and accessories. Scene Stealer: the large artichoke lamp.
Have you ever thought about architectural details you'd figure in to the design of your dream home (unlimited budget, of course?) A clerestory might be high on my list - hmmm...wonder why???
We finally made it to the kitchen - and we're just getting warmed up! Another recurring theme: small-scale glass tile set in a running (i.e. subway) pattern. Here, used as backsplash in the modern-rich open kitchen.
I've always said if a home didn't have a gas stove, it would be a deal-breaker. Think I'd have to rethink that edict in this case...Also, there's some of those industry-chic metal stools again {sigh}
Dining Room: Love the view to the outdoor patio area - keeps it less formal. Note the use of the larger and more commanding host chairs (remember that idea from Erica's DD?)
Stop the Presses. I WANT that horse print! And I could have it...for a mere four grand...In case you need the deets: Lord Denver's Prize Horse "Aditoc" in segmented prints via Mecox Gardens.
Master: I feel like whomever will get to sleep in this room will never need high blood pressure meds. Doesn't it just make you feel cool and serene? Lacquered-turquoise (airy) nightstands - check. Custom, linen-upholstered headboard - check. Bleached driftwood lamps - check, check. Summation: Sublime.
The coordinating Master Bath.
Anyone else a kitchen and bath fixture junkie? Here's our daily fix.
Bedroom Two: I can't call this a Guest Bedroom, because if I lived here, I'd have a hard time not making this my Master Bedroom Part Deux. Would you look at that bed? Red-lacquer, asian lines with crisp white linens and celery green for punch - perfecto!
Here's another bath: floor-to-ceiling brown glass tile that takes on the nuances of woodgrain - pret-ty niiiice! Oh, the sleek vessel sink's not too shabby, either!
My heart melts into this sorbet-themed little girl's room. Avery would be good to GO!
Get this...this would be your "Relaxation Room," according to HGTV. Soothing green color scheme, yes. Hungry-looking alligators staring down the wall at me, well...not so much...
What's a great house without a perfect indoor/outdoor entertaining space?
View of the back yard, complete with a vertical garden planted with strawberries, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce greens. Oh, and that's a serious drum composter to help keep those fruits and veggies happy!
Rooftop Patio. This is the picture that sold my hubby - nice view, huh? Yeah, I'll go ahead and say I'd take it!
If it's something you think you could fancy - be sure to register, starting Friday!!