Happy Little Surprises

Don't you just love it when you stumble upon a happy, little surprise?
Yesterday, we headed out to the TV Tower for some leisurely Sunday shopping. The TV Tower is a "must see" for many people who visit Brasilia. I'm not real jazzed about going up into the heights of the structure, but every weekend at the base of the tower, crafters and artisans set up booths - selling their wares. You can find a wide assortment of items - from nice leatherwares and furniture to touristy-trinkets. It's a flea market of sorts.

..You know I've been complaining about not getting our family room pulled together? I've been wanting to replace the trunk we've been using as an ottoman...Well, I'm happy to report I'm one step closer to having it finished!
I found two, woven ottoman stools at the TV Tower fair - TWO for what I would've paid for one of these I've been eyeballing!
I'm really diggin' how they work in the room! I wasn't looking for anything but a pair of sandals for Avery - finding these was a Happy Surprise...
On another note...You know how you envision a project in your mind, and then it doesn't work out the way you had pictured?
Last week, I realized I didn't have an Easter basket for Avery, so I set out (with the help of friend, Kirsten) to find a few things to put together a makeshift one for her first real Egg Hunt. I picked up a small basket, and several yards of pastel-colored satin ribbon.
I had envisioned tying or wrapping the ribbon around the handle of the basket - but it kept slipping, and just wasn't "right." I ended up tying them around the base, and just letting them flow...
I love how it turned out - not what I imagined...but better! Happy Surprise...