Under the Weather

Literally...it has been a constant rain-fest down here. I wish I could send some of this tropical moisture up to Texas, where I know the rainfall deficits are huge... Anyway, I thought they said the rainy season down here would end by Carnaval? Guess not... All I know is the 21-month-old natives are restless!

Oh, ya'll... I had such high hopes to get a lovely, informative and eye-candy kind of post out to you early this week, but I have been slammed by an awful sinus infection. You know, the kind that makes you crave a skull-splitting accident, just to relieve the pressure?
I've learned very quickly that illness and lack of rest are the top two creativity-quashers... Knowing you, MLHP readers, I figure you'd rather wait for something worth reading, than have me post something uninspiring and pointless. Am I correct?
I finally agreed to take a round of antibiotics - the kill-everything-in-the-Amazon variety, so I should be back in business soon!
In the meantime, I'll leave you with this small bit of eye candy. I can't for the life of me remember where I snagged this image, so if you know it's owner, please let me know - All I DO know is, if that were me, walking through that door with the incredible nickel-plated hardware, I'd be feeling better already.
See ya'll soon!