Catching Up

Can I just say that MLHP readers are Da Bomb (does anybody say "da bomb," anymore?) I don't care; all I know is that Y'all are the sweetest, most warm-hearted, and Real Life style-minded people I've never met! ;) Your comments to Friday's post kept me grinnin' all weekend, and I truly appreciate each and every one of them.

O-Kaaay! Whew! - Did ya'll have a fun, holiday weekend? Hope so - Cheers to (North American) Summer!
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So, I never had the chance to tell ya'll the story of our recent Brazilian Garage Sale....Actually, it wasn't ours - another American family was hosting one, and they let us throw some of our excess stuff in...Let's just say it was INTERESTING! First, let me give you a bit of background info: Very few imported products are allowed into Brazil. Because of this, items made outside of Brazil are rare, and extremely expensive. Consequently, Americans have found that we can sell our gently-used items for about what we paid for them, and it is STILL a better price than the Brazilians can get. Win-Win, right?

So...we hired this woman who works as a Garage Sale Coordinator - she sends out private invitations to "clients," brings in security to monitor the sale, and tells us if our pricing is appropriate. Apparently, this woman is a Must Have if you intend for any Brazilians to actually show up and buy anything.
It kills me that I didn't take my camera so I'd have proof of this tale - but trust me, it happened!
Among other things, we sold a bed, a bookshelf, a lawnmower, strollers and carseats - in each case either breaking even, or earning a profit (nuts, I know!)
I was feeling pretty savvy - until I saw people walking out of the house with opened, half-full bottles of booze - with "Sold" signs on them! I think I've just about seen it all...
So, I've been itching for this lens for my SLR for some time...If you follow Darby or Erika, and have admired their pics, you'll understand why...
I had in mind that I'd treat myself to the lens if the results of the Sale worked out...and they DID, so....

I was told I'd go crazy over it , AND with the quality of the shots - crisp, rich, and full of life...even in low-light with
very busy subjects
I couldn't be more pleased! What are you saving up for?