DD: Master Bath Madness

Ha HAAAA!! I bet you thought I'd never get another Design Dilemma out! Actually, this one was put together somewhat last-minute, so I hope it meets your those high standards you all have for DD's! ;)
So, I've had this one in the back of my brain for a few months now. I've been embarrassingly slow in pulling any thoughts together, and I didn't know where the project stood...
My good friend, Carrie (who's living room DD we tackled here) is also doing a complete overhaul of their master bath. Here's a pic she sent me after they began the tear-out of the wallpaper...
One of the reasons I've been dragging my heels on this project is because I thought Carrie and her hubster, Scott might already have some pretty good ideas of where they want to go with their master bath suite...And, it's not like they can't do a great job sans MLHP!

Here's the B&A pics of their son's bathroom redo they completed - all on their own!
Don't you love that fresh-cut-grass green?!

Back to their master bath...So, I was thumbing through my latest Coastal Living
(mag that has been substituted, but absolutely cannot replace my Cottage Living subscription!), and I spied this bathroom that made me instantly think of Carrie & Scott.
I thought this look might be the perfect match for their aesthetic - She'll love the crisp subway tiles, square vessel basins, and killer wall-mount faucets. Scott will probably appreciate the rustic vanity base and mirror frame - and might even be able to make copies! (I know, insane, right?)

To get an idea of some accent and/or coordinating colors, I checked out this amazingly-clever site. It takes an uploaded pic, then provides a matching color palette (I know, brilliant)
So... here's what it churned out:Pretty flippin' sweet, right? (thank you, Camila for the hot tip)

So, I went about doing some online shopping to see if pulling something like this together would break the bank...I was actually pleasantly surprised!

I found this vessel sink for $175 (hey, that's less than Ikea)
This wall-mount faucet for $76 (seriously, that's UNHEARD of) WITH free shipping here (just a tad more to get the yummy polished nickel finish! ;)
Basic, white subway tile can be had very reasonably, or they could up it a notch with a travertine
or recycled glass version
I really do think Scott could make the vanity...but it wouldn't surprise me in the least, either, if they transformed the one they have - paint it dark, distress it, add a dark stain for richness and depth, then add rustic hardware...

What d'ya think? DIY-able?