Little Happies

My hopes to get a thought-provoking post out today were thwarted by one 22 month old who decided to alternately play and pitch fits last night...for TWO HOURS beginning at 2:45 AM! {Zzzzz...}

However, I do love you, dear readers, so I won't leave ya totally high 'n dry this Friday. Say Hola to a new MLHP feature I call Little Happies.
Sometimes you'll notice I post on things that don't have any other real purpose than to make you (and me!) smile! I think it would be even more fun if you guys helped by sending me pics or links to things that catch your eye or put a spring in your step - and I'll feature them in Little Happies!

For today's inaugural, I've put up some pics my sister, Brooke sent me of some too-cool-for-school lamps she saw the other day at Homegoods (San Antonio, TX store). No deets on the $$, but from what I've seen, for the amount of style you get - the prices can't be beat!

If this Spitzmiller wanna-be had a mate, I'm certain they'd be packed in Brooke's trunk as we speak!
Didn't I spy some carbon-copies of these in a recent PB?? Decent finials, too! Not bad, not bad attall!
Sister's been eyeballing lead crystal lamps for months now, but even lower-end models at Z Gallerie, etc. typically top $200 - wanna bet this one doesn't?
And if those aren't reason enough to run Forrest RUN to your nearest HomeGoods - check out the Chinese Garden Stool my good friend, Carrie snagged from the same place - I think for about $50!
Guess you can imagine one stop I'll be making during my next trip Stateside!