The Dirty Housewife {gasp!}

Look what I had waiting for me in our APO box yesterday! Have I ever told you I'm a soap junkie - well, I might even qualify as a soap snob (oh, brother! Not one of those chicks!) It's so bad that I travel with my own soap. Soooo you can only imagine how excited I was to get these handmade, natural ingredient soaps from my SIL, Erica as a Mother's Day Little Happy!
The soaps are made by The Dirty Housewife Soap Co. - an Etsy artist (awesome!) They smell so yummy, I can't decide whether I should use them, or EAT them?! The coolest part, though, are the soap names - MILF {blush}, The Pool Boy, Lemon Muffin, and The Dirty Housewife. Woo-Hoo - I'm in Soap Heaven!
Little Happy? You KNOW it!!! Thanks again, E!