Getting Back from the Getaway

I'm still recovering from all the hustle required to get away for a few days' vacay. You know that feeling, right? Of returning to your "normal" routine, and feeling a little out-of-sorts - at least until regular toddler sleep schedules resume, and all the laundry is done? That's me today.

So, please bear with me a few more days....When I return, I truly DO hope to have some serious "after" shots of Aunt's bathroom.

Oh! Have to tell you...stopped by HomeGoods in San Antonio on my way home yesterday and about HYPERVENTILATED over all the cute stuff they have in stock! I bought a lamp for said Aunt's bathroom - great price, too, so I was charmed. But, my mood turned sour when I saw my Z Gallerie foo dogs there - For $30 each (yep, that's 1/2 of what I paid) So, if you like them - run Forrest Run to your nearest Homegoods store!

Anyway...had an amazing time with family and friends relaxing at the Guadalupe River - here's a visual recap...

My baby girl finally got a taste of River life, and really showed no fear. I grew up swimmin' this area, so I was very tickled to see her do the same!
First, testing out her river shoes at the low-water crossing (with the help of Mr. Scott)
Then, we took to the tubes (no, I don't color-coordinate my daughter's life vest to my get-up - total co-in-ki-dink!)

My friend, Carrie and I were able to sneak in a quick girls' shopping trip
We hit a darling children's store to scope out the goods - since Carrie & Scott are expecting their third kiddo - good excuse, huh?! There wasn't anything we couldn't live without...
But, Avery can't say the same...

It was quite a different story for me when we hit the Antique Co-op. I was itching for these blanc de chine figures... Six hundred smackaroos for the pair - Why do I have to have such good taste? ;)
This pair of cockatoos were more in my price range - and I rarely see a parrot I don't like - but, then there's the issue of shipping them back to Brazil...Oh, and my already-overspent budget!
So....I had to settle for the scene of days well-spent...
...Which is really much more soul-pleasing in the first place. See ya'll soon!